IT oversight is needed at the board table, and governors and executive managers must ask themselves:

  • Can the organization sustain and grow without IT?
  • Is IT fully aligned and integrated with business strategies?
  • Are the top executives satisfied with the organization's IT governance; can they explain IT governance and describe the effectiveness of it without deferring to the CIO or IT Director?   Do they abdicate or engage in IT governance?
  • Can the organization measure returns from IT investments?
  • Does the board approve IT strategy?
  • Is IT regularly on the board agenda?
  • Is IT able to act on, first, initiatives that produce innovation and, second, results that they promised?
If the answer to one or more of these questions is "No" then stronger IT oversight is required.

We provide the following services:

  • Assessment of IT oversight and governance: Review IT Governance in your organization.  We provide an independent 3rd party review of your IT governance modelled on the COBIT and ITIL frameworks.
  • Coaching at the board level as a group or as an individual: one-on-one coaching; helping Board members understand IT oversight without being technical.  Assess current IT oversight; determine need for and level of IT oversight; assist by coaching in a group or as an individual.

Board members do not have to be experts in IT to provide effective IT oversight; they need to follow good governance practices.



Leadership Seminars

Leadership seminars based on real life adventures. 

  • Shackleton: The Ultimate Leader
  • North Pole: What it takes to reach the top
  • Aconcagua: Pushing through the pain to achieve your team’s goals