Does your Board provide effective oversight?

Organizations are dependent on Information Technology: it permeates throughout every level and receives significant capital and operational dollars.  But how can you be sure this investment supports the enterprise and its strategies? 

Generally companies focus on two key IT strategies:

  • use Information Technology as a competitive differentiator
  • use IT to reduce operational costs and drive efficiency

Your company does use IT and to what extent varies widely from industry to industry.  Regardless of which business sector you serve, how do you know your IT investments are creating value?

Boards and management often focus their attention and governance on finance, personnel, capital/physical assets, and intellectual property, but they must also to extend governance to IT. 

You don't have to be an IT expert to provide effective IT oversight. 

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The IT Chauffeur - a New Book by Dale Mills

The IT Chauffeur

What The CxO Needs To Know About Information Technology

Joe, a former CIO, is helping out his neighbour who runs a limousine service by chauffeuring Bill, CEO of Resolute Enterprises, a medium-sized company that has been experiencing difficulties with its IT.  During their regular limousine trips, Bill and Joe discuss the problems and potential ways to improve the use of IT in his company.  Many topics arise in their discussions, from IT governance to mobile technologies, all explained in a non-technical, conversational mode, giving readers, regardless of their technical ability, a solid understanding of how to use technology more effectively in their organization. Through an easy, readable dialogue the reader is engaged in learning basic technology management principles.

What Drives Your IT?

The IT Chauffeur will help CEOs, C-suite, board members, vice presidents, directors and managers get value from their IT investments.  The story focuses on a medium-sized company, but the discussion is relevant to executives in organizations of any size.

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